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I am a BA hons graduate and singing teacher.
I believe it's never too late to learn to sing. As well as teaching full time musicians, I also teach complete beginners who want to build their confidence and have a creative outlet.
Online singing lessons are a great way to learn from the comfort of your own home.

Would you like to learn to sing?


My teaching style is focused on making my students feel comfortable and relaxed so they can make progress. I think it's great to set goals and help students achieve them- no matter how big or small they may be. I teach a wide range of musical genres, as well as all ages and abilities, I am a member of the Musicians Union and I have a enhanced DBS certificate.

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Online Singing lessons

I offer:

One to one private online singing lessons, tailor-made to your voice

Introductory first lesson £30

A wide range of modern music styles

Flexible lesson times, daytimes, evenings and weekends to suit all time zones. Click here for more info

Things you need:


Laptop, tablet or smart phone with a camera

Reliable internet connection (speed check)

A second device for playing music

Skype (or other platform)



 Singing skills covered in the lessons

  • Expand your vocal range with a variety of exercises tailored to suit your voice

  • Breathe properly and how to increase your breath stamina

  • Access, understand and move smoothly between the different registers of the voice (cheast, mixed,head)

  • Improve flexibility (how quickly and accurately you can move between notes)

  • Sing and perform more confidently

  • Keep your voice healthy and avoid tension / strain

  • Sing in harmony with another voice

  • Sing with accompaniment and make a song your own

  • Improvisation techniques

  • Begin writing your own songs (optional- but lots of people enjoy this!)

  • Improve the projection and power of your voice

....and lots more!!

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Anna is a professional singer and recording artist. She has been singing since she was 12 and teaching since 2007. Anna completed her Music degree at the University of Sussex and studied under singers including Carleen Anderson (The Brand New Heavies), Heidi Berry (This Mortal Coil) and Kate Cameron (Freak Power).

Whilst studying in Brighton Anna performed in various bands as well as working on her solo material.  Anna also taught in stage schools, music academies and privately.

In 2011 Anna moved to London and she started her own teaching practice which evolved to be an online practise, teaching students all over the world. Alongside her teaching, Anna sings in various musical projects including vocal trio and YouTube sensation, Lady Armstrong,

The Autumn Leaves Jazz Trio and her own solo project.

Outside of singing, Anna is a proud dog mum to Alfie the lovable scruff and is a lover of nature, a practising minimalist and is into all things green and earthy!

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