"Anna is a fantastic, friendly teacher who delivers fun, high quality singing lessons across a range of genre. Lessons are jam packed with useful warm ups, exercises, techniques...I would highly recommend Anna to anyone looking for a singing teacher..."Louisa, London.

"From the first lesson Anna really helped me build my confidence and develop a real love for singing. Anna has such a depth of knowledge and experience and is able to pass it on in such a friendly and fun manner. It is so easy to learn with Anna, in the last six months I've gone from thinking I was tone deaf to feeling confident enough to perform live. I really understand my voice so much better and every week I look forward to learning something new. Anna has also been brilliant for my song writing and guitar playing, giving me encouragement to sing my own songs and improve my technique and getting me out of my shell and standing in front of a mic with my guitar - which had been my dream for 20 years". Damien, London.

"Anna is a wonderful teacher. I have started with literally zero music knowledge and Anna has helped me so much I can't even express it properly. I look forward to each and every lesson and after I feel calmer, fulfilled and happy. She is lovely, patient, talented and has a great approach to teaching - helps me feel relaxed and motivates to work a lot to truly enjoy singing. I would recommend Anna's lessons to anyone, from absolute beginners to professional singers". Kinga, Poland.

"Anna is a vocal teaching wizard! I am a singing teacher myself but always looking to pick up new tips and work on my own vocal development. She knows exactly what she's doing and gets results fast! Would highly recommend". Eliza, Bristol

"Anna is an excellent teacher and really encouraging- lessons are fun and relatable and her expertise covers many genres and styles. Highly recommended!" Tomas, London.